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Broken Pieces by Amanda Nolan [mp3 download & Lyrics]

Passionate American gospel songwriter and artiste Amanda Nolan releases her debut single titled Broken pieces. The talented singer plainly sings about the beauty of God’s grace in making something wonderful out of the sinner’s broken pieces. Her track is available on several digital music platforms for listening and you can as well download her track below.


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Video: Broken Pieces by Amanda Nolan


 Lyrics: Broken Pieces by Amanda Nolan


You found my heart So hurt and torn Broken scattered tired and worn A thousand pieces on the floor I could not shatter anymore PRE The heartache and the shame, yeah You tell me you can take it And nothing will be wasted (no, no, no)


I give you all my broken pieces With you I know I can leave it You’re the God of stained glass miracles You’re making all things beautiful I give you all my broken pieces And you put them back together


When I see the scars you see the art You say it’s what sets me apart When I read the now you read ahead And you know how good this will end


Every masterpiece Is just broken pieces You put together You’re making everything A Mona Lisa That lasts forever



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