Anendlessocean: Fascinating Facts About the Fast-Rising Nigerian Gospel Artist

About Anendlessocean

If you’re like me, when you first saw the name or heard about Anendlessocean, you probably didn’t know how to pronounce the name or you were wondering who that was. If that’s you and you want to know about the fast-rising talented Nigerian gospel artist, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will be writing about Anendlessocean and telling you all you need to know about him.


The real name of Anendlessocean is Ayobami Emmanuel Alli-Hakeem. His stage name “Anendlessocean” comes from the combination of the words “An endless ocean” and is pronounced as such. He is also called AEO for short. He has become popular this year as many of his songs are enjoyed by many Christians and have been on the lips of many both at home and abroad.


Very little is known about the early life of Anendlessocean. He was born in Nigeria to the family of The Alli-Hakeems. His parents are from Ondo State and Edo State in Nigeria. He is both Yoruba and Edo by tribe. He spent a large portion of his early life growing up in Abuja until he was 14 years old when he lost his mum. He is a graduate of the Delta State, where he studied Bachelor of Engineering afterwards.

Anendlessocean Biography

Musical Career

The musical career of Anendlessocan has been a story of immense success and the grace of God. According to him, he began his musical career officially in the last 3 to 5 years, although he has always been a music lover and singer from a very young age of 14.

He made his official entry into the music scene in 2018 with the release of his soulful track “Falala.” But it was the 2020 release, “Alakori,” that moved Anendlessocean into the forefront of the music landscape. The track had a significant impact, certifying Anendlessocean as a rising artist. Since then, he has maintained a steady upward trajectory with each new release.

In 2021, he introduced his debut EP, Apeirogon, which garnered widespread acclaim and amassed over 100k streams across various digital music platforms. The EP showcased his artistic prowess and familiarized audiences with his calming, reflective, and soulful musical approach.

Anendlessocean Musical Career

He has made his mark this year by releasing a self-written and produced single – Nazarene in which he expresses his deep love for God and describes the special relationship he has with him which he could never trade for anything else.

He kicked off 2022 with “Nazarene,” which became a viral sensation and made him a presence in the vibrant Nigerian gospel scene. Later that year, he unveiled the “C’est la vie/Imagine” two-track pack, showcasing his knack for captivating melodies and lyrical depth. Unsurprisingly, he ended up on talented discovery lists in  Pulse and Zikoko magazines. Moving on to 2023, Anendlessocean his breathtaking album, Decagon which is home to some entertaining and edifying songs like Alone, Ji and Nazarene, just to mention a few.

Anendlessocean has a very unique style of singing. His delivery also does away with the usual cliche that comes with Gospel music as he closes the gaps between faith and artistic exploration blending the English language with his native Yoruba tongue. Even his titles don’t scream ‘gospel’ at first glance, nonetheless, they still tell about the goodness of God and have facilitated the spiritual connection of many.

One unique aspect of him that has been noticed by many is the way he uses polygons to describe some of his works, and when asked about it he responded:

I decided to describe all of my projects using polygons. That’s just it, there’s nothing deeper. Most of my projects will be named after polygons.

In a recent interview with Taiwo of The 49th Street, Anendlessocean talked about many interesting facts about himself and his views on certain issues. He mentioned that he has always loved making music and hopes to continue making more – dropping more albums, more tours, more shows, more creations and collaborations.

Anendlessocean Discography

  1. Falala – Single – 2018
  2. T-Shirt – Single – 2020
  3. Alakori – Single – 2020
  4. Domino – Single – 2020
  5. Apeirogon – Extended Playlist – 2021
  6. Nazarene – Single – 2022
  7. C’est la vie – Single -2022
  8. Imagine – Single – 2022
  9. Imagine Acoustic Version – Single – 2023
  10. Ji – Single – 2023
  11. Exchange – Single – 2023
  12. Alone – Single – 2023
  13. Decagon – Album – 2023

 Anendlessocean on Social Media


So that’s it, all you need to know about Anedlessocean the fast-rising Nigerian gospel artist. Personally, since I discovered Anendlessocean I’ve been a huge fan, so this article was one which I was very excited to write about. Let me know your favourite track of Anendlessocean in the comments below. Stay tuned to Gospel Music Press to get the latest news and stories about Gospel Music.

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