BRANDON LAKE – Miracle Child (Mp3 download now & lyrics)

Miracle Child

Miracle Child by Brandon Lake is a sensational gospel music. This song is a description of the works of Christ in that; “the thief comes not to kill, to steal and to destroy, but I have come that ye may have life and this life in abundance.” He resurrected from the dead that we may have abundant life. However, the song feels very personal to the artist as though it is attached to a personal experience or testimony; definitely, our individual taste of eternal life is a personal reality.

Listen and be blessed.

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Lyrics: Miracle Child

I shouldn’t be alive
My future was six feet under
One foot in the grave
No hope to be saved
I shouldn’t be alive
But I’m a miracle child
Defied every diagnosis
And as close as it came
I can stand here and say
I’m a miracle child

Death where is your sting
My savior’s word is final
I am resurrected
Blood protected
I am a miracle child

If you’re facing the odds
If you think you’re beyond His saving
There’s no life He can’t raise
No, your wounds aren’t too great
He’s a miracle God

‘Cause He shouldn’t be alive
His body was six feet under
Three days in the grave
But that stone rolled away
Yeah, our God is alive

Death where is your sting
My savior’s word is final
I am resurrected
Blood protected
I am a miracle child

Oh, death where is your sting
My savior’s word is final
I am resurrected
Blood protected
I am a miracle child

You’re the living breathing God of glory
I’m a living breathing testimony
You’re the one who turns a
Dead end story
To a living breathing testimony

You’re the living breathing God of glory
I’m a living breathing testimony
You’re the one who turns a
Dead end story
To a living breathing testimony

Death where is your sting
‘Cause my savior’s word is final
I am resurrected
Blood protected
I am a miracle child

Oh, death where is your sting
My savior’s word is final
I am resurrected
Blood protected
I am a miracle child

I’ve been crucified
Raised with Christ
I am a miracle child



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Writer’s Devotional 1

Disciplined Daily Devotion (3D) Report Tool: 4H Method.

👉 Date: Mon, 20 November 2023
👉 Time: 10:07 AM

📖 Text: 2 Corinth. 5:7 (Head and Heart)
2 Corinthians 5:7
[7] (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

#A. HEAD 🧐
1. OBSERVATION (What do I see?)
– Brackets ()
– For
– we walk
– by faith
– not by sight
– we see by faith not with the eyes


2. What does it MEAN?
– Brackets (): This is often used to chip in a description, a fact, an explanation in between a discussion that would further aid the understanding of some terms or parameters is the discussion.
e.g. We some Yoruba boys (Yoruba is one of the major tribes in Nigeria, they dominate the Southwest of Nigeria) on our way to town.
Hence, this verse contains an important truth statement that should be upheld by every believer.


– Brackets (): This also brings to mind the context which this verse flows with.
°Context: Apostle Paul explains that whilst on earth we have a mortal body which would eventually be dissolved, and we would receive an eternal body which would no longer be subject to corruption. We have also been given the Holy Spirit as a dividend that this is going to happen and at that time, we would be present with God both Spirit, Soul and Body, for this present body that we have now is absent from God, for God only fellowships with us through the spirit. Afterwards, he chips in the bracket.


– For – gar – it shows reason, fact, truth; it is used to introduce or intensify a statement.


– we walk – peripateō – to walk: to make one’s way, progress, to make due use of opportunities; to live, to regulate one’s life, to conduct one’s self, to pass one’s life
° Hence the way we should live life, move from one position to another, make progress, conduct ourselves as believers is mentioned here.


– we walk by faith: We live life by believing, by having faith. Believing in what? In context, believing in the promises of God, believing in what God says He would do, faith in every single thing that the Lord has offered to us at the platter of his mercy and goodness unto His Children for He is our Father.

° Hence, I ought to live my life with a consciousness of walking in line with what the Lord has offered to me in this my earthly body, I make progress in the same wise, I take decisions believing in God’s word on what I should do in various circumstances.
° A life totally subjected and pioneered by the Father, because the vessel believes in the Lord and set sail in the direction of the Lord’s wind.
° Hence, walking by faith is living life with a consciousness of God’s word and doing/ responding according to how God instructs that we should live life in this mortal body because we believe in him.


– not by sight:
° sight – eidos – the external or outward appearance, form, figure, shape, kind.
° The words of the Lord (which forms our life principles as believers) are spirit and life; it doesn’t start from an outward appearance, it starts from the spirit realm; a realm that can’t be seen, felt, smelt, heard and tasted by the natural body, by this earthly body; they are spiritually discern. They seem like foolishness and weakness to the carnal man, yet it is quick and powerful, always demonstrating power, and opens the door to live a full and abundant life sustained by the love, goodness and grace of God.


– We see by faith not with the eyes: We have a faith sense organ that sees spiritual things, I believe that through our spirit (we have a spirit, soul and body) we perceive spiritual things and we yield to spiritual influence. (Job 32:8, Proverbs 20:27, 1 Corinthians 2:14)

3. What stood Out/ What issue is God Raising with me Today?
– The change that the Lord effects comes from the Spirit, every fruit, every gift, every correction, every build up, that the Lord as placed in a believer is in the spirit and from thence it stems up to the body.

– You want to change? You want to become better? Pay lesser attention to plucking off the fruits in the body, and pay more attention to affect the root, do things that sponsors the ministration of the Spirit; the bridge between the spirit and the body is faith. When you walk by faith you bring the things of the spirit into manifestation in your body; but with unbelieve you won’t even be able to move a rock.

– You sponsor faith, you sponsor the Spirit; you sponsor the Spirit, you sponsor faith.

#B. HEART: What is my ATTITUDE ❤ (Checking my attitude against the issue raised) / (How does the understanding of this truth makes me feel?)
– How do I sponsor the spirit? How do I sponsor faith? How do I walk in the Spirit? How do I walk by faith?
° Study the word of God.
° Know the word of God.
° Believe the word of God.
° Make the word of God your life principle.
° Act on the word of God.
° Close your eyes when you don’t see physical result, and see them in the spirit. Immediately, you believe God’s word start to see them happen, start to see them established. This is how you sponsor the spirit, this is how you sponsor faith.

– O Lord, help me to see myself, that I may be growing and improving everyday according to your will.
– O Lord, I thank you because you Love me; I thank you because you care for me. Thank Lord.
See the way you Love me
See the way you care for me
You carry my matter for your head o!
Ine me Obi na som



Writer’s Devotional 2

#C. HAND: How can I OBEY? 🙇🙇‍♀ (What do I do with what God is Telling/ Showing me Today?)


#D. HELP 🤲
1. How can God HELP me?

2. Who can help me?

3. Who can I help with this Truth?


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