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Minister GUC Unveils & Dedicates His New Luxury Apartment

Anointed worship leader, songwriter, and Eezee Conceptz recording artiste, Minister GUC, celebrates the dedication of his newly acquired luxurious mansion. Eezee Tee, the label’s head, shared heartfelt photos and a lengthy post on social media, commemorating this joyous occasion. Eezee Tee shared a lengthy post on social media saying:

“So on the 4th of November 2019, the journey officially started with @ministerguc. It has been 3 years and 8 months now and has been a very great Journey,” he wrote on Instagram, “When I was convinced to sign him a few folks came to me and made remarks on how he is a preacher and not a singer, How he isn’t commercially valuable for such investment, How he wasn’t such a commercial songwriter and more.”

Continues, “However, I was VERY FOCUSED on my Convictions about @ministerguc, and today I can say it was one of my very best decisions as a Music Executive. His Commitment, LOYALTY, CONSISTENT HONOUR, and SELFLESS understanding are sincerely Rare.”

“Minister GUC will literally pause on his recording projects just to have another label mate find expression or be attended to… He would call and stay on the phone for hours trying to find out how other Artists are doing and how he can be of any support of value to the ORGANISATION.”

“When he was relocated to Lagos from pho in 2020, we had technical and inevitable contingencies sorting his accommodation for about 6 months, he lived in our office space with huge understanding and patience until this was sorted.”

“With JOY AND GLADNESS IN MY HEART, 1, alongside his PASTOR and family, were privileged to JOIN IN THE DEDICATION and UNVEILING of HIS BEAUTIFULLY put together Exquisite MANSION.”

“It brought me overwhelming joy and fulfilment. KINGMAKERS are majorly satisfied by the exploits of those they have been privileged by God to raise.”

“l am so PROUD of you… This is just the beginning… Every form of HONOUR you have seeded to me and your Authorities, may God continuously grant you GREAT HARVESTS AND REWARD…” He concluded



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