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Josue Avila – Because of Who You Are – (Live @ Calvary Orlando) [MP3 download]

We have a responsibility to worship God in the good times and bad times, in the moments He heals, provides, and blesses; but having an understanding of who He is and humbling ourselves in the acknowledging of every good thing that He has done in us through Christ Jesus, is the worship He longs for. Be blessed as you listen to or watch this beautiful moment captured live in Calvary Orlando!


MP3 DOWNLOAD – Because of Who You Are – Josue Avila




MUSIC VIDEO – Because of Who You Are – Josue Avila

Recorded LIVE on May 14, 2023 at Calvary Orlando

Calvary Orlando Website

Address: 1199 Clay St. Winter Park, FL 32789

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Mixed & Mastered by Josue Avila


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