Friday, September 29, 2023


Here’s a beautiful song by the American Hip-Hop gospel music artist, as He motivates and blesses us with this tune titled “EZ“. This song is sure to bless your heart.

Lyrics: EZ by KB

Okay, okay, okay, okay
You ready?
Yeah, easy
Moreno papi loco, back to work, come and see me
Got a taste of fame, but the flavor didn’t intrigue me
I am never gassed up, my drive been an EV
Compliments are hollow, we ain’t tricked when they treat me
Drippin’ livin’ Fiji, peekin’ at the cheat sheet
How you wanna beat me? I am not competing
Love it when they throw the salt, I add it to my seasoning
I don’t argue credit, homie, you can have it freely
My Father sees me, and my glory comin’
I don’t need a nominee seat
Anointed me with oil, yeah, yeah, I’m talkin’ greasy
Black AF1 energy, they tryna crease me
Boy, this way too easy
Y’all don’t know the KB who I was back in B.C.
My ex-man was a wolverine, I marveled that He freed me
Used to want to roll in double R’s, Puerto Ric’ speech
Up in PR, couple sweethearts, sippin’ rum and kiwi
I would live for the dreams of the top, believe me
I was woken up, I couldn’t speak, I heard the King’s speech
Christ Jesus got me through this bittersweetly
I was down to die for this, so cancellin’ is easy
Did this here for years even when no one respected it
All these knives in my back, I’ll pro’ly build a set wit’ it
Healings set up backwards, so I don’t stay upset wit’ it
Cross before the crown, yeah, I already accepted it
Suffer for what’s rights and honor, I am out here flexin’ it
You look way too Hollywood, boy, you too impressed wit’ it
How you yawn at God who made the stars through instant messages?
God is in control, it’s grace here ain’t no manifestin’ it
K to the second it, I put my name on it, spell it, KB
6’2″, when I’m prayin’ on my knees, I look like eight feet
This Jehovah Nissi, the serpent’s underneath me
I was down to die for this, your threats are way too-
Come on, man, it’s so easy!
Huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh, huh, huh (WEARETHEGOOD, them boys so cold)
Huh, huh, huh, huh (okay, yeah, yeah)
Huh, huh, huh, huh (yeah)
Okay, easy
Moreno papi loco, back to work, come and see me
Got a taste of fame, but the flavor didn’t intrigue me
I’m never gassed up, the squad an EV
I’ma tell ya vision every time I’m on your TV
Keep the P&L, the balance of my soul increasing
HGA the law and I’m just rollin’ through the precinct
In Atlanta for the weekend, come and reach me
Sippin’ peach tea on Peachtree, it’s me and Creezy
Woo, yeah, I was down to die for this, apologies
The unfollowings, that’s a Bahama Breeze
You can’t ca-, you can’t cancel God, is that a comedy?
“KB, KB, they gon’ kick you out, ” and I’m like, “Probably” (what?)
I can’t be PC, computer on my free speech
I ain’t talkin’ DC, I’m talkin’ Phillis Wheatley
And with the pen to fight a whole world, you can be free
Lovin’ Jesus, yoke is light and the burden easy



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