My ALTAR is Calling You – David Dam | Prayer and Meditation

My ALTAR is Calling You - David Dam | Prayer and Meditation

My ALTAR is Calling You by David Dam | Prayer and Meditation was originally written and composed by Apostle Daps Gwon. In David Dam’s words; “This song has been such a blessing and is one of my favourite songs to sing in my time of Prayer”. He recommends this music as a tool that can enhance devotion, it can be placed in your secrete place of prayer, when preparing to read the scripture and when praying in the Spirt. He also adds that this video will help position you to encounter the Presence of God and incline your ears to His Voice. Do you need Direction, Wisdom, Revelation, or the Assurance of His Presence with you? I believe that as you watch this video, you will hear the Spirit of God speak to you.Thank you so much, and look forward to hearing the testimonies from your experience with God. (Adapted from David Dam)




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