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Oh Jesus by SJ Jesus Teens Choir (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Oh Jesus” is a brand new song by the SJ Jesus Teens Choir along with EseOse in their newly released album titled Endless Praise. Listen and be blessed.

JT(Jesus Teens) Choir is the musical arm of Jesus Teens(The Chosen Children Ministry of St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God int’l) tasked with producing melodious music to edify men and magnify the Lord, King Jesus. Though a group of Young Teenagers, they hopefully want to spread the gospel through music❤️. Follow SJ Jesus Teens Choir on Social Media:


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Lyrics OH JESUS by SJ Teens Choir

Oh oh Jesus (2x)
Oh Jesus

Oh how sweet the name sounds
Helps the lost to be found
Spreading Love all around
Releasing all the bound

I will sing of your praise
Of how the whole world you saved
I will lift up your name
Tell the world of your fame

When I was living in sin
You came down to rescue me
You did wondrous things
You raised the dead
and healed the sick


You gave your life for my Sins
You defeated death took the key
Sealed up the grave Just for me
Oh I’m free
Yes I’m free

You’re the giver of live
yes You’re the light in my life
You’re the fire in my eyes
In you Lord lies my files

My love for You
Will never ever die
Cos when it gets to the time
I’ll ascend through the sky
To give you praise oh Most High


Can’t wait to see the face
of this great God of grace
Can’t wait to finish the race
And be locked in your embrace

When I get to heaven’s gate
I will stand back to gaze
At the mighty maze
I passed to finish each phase

When I see you on the throne
I’ll rejoice cos I’m home
And with a loud voice and tone
I’ll make your greatness known


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