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Planetshakers Release New Album Titled Greater – Live (Deluxe Edition)

Internationally recognized praise band Planetshakers releases their long-anticipated album titled “GREATER” today (September 2nd) and is now available on all major digital and streaming outlets. The album was recorded live at Planetshakers’ GREATER Conference in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.

GREATER is a full production experience featuring the core Planetshakers worship team consisting of Joth Hunt, Sam Evans, Andy Harrison, Josh Ham, Aimee Evans, Noah Walker, Chelsi Nikkerud, Rudy Nikkerud and more. Produced and mixed by Hunt, who also wrote or co-wrote all but one title on the album, the 11-song recording was inspired by Pastor Russell Evans.

Planetshakers - Greater (Album)


“Pastor Russell has a God-given theme for every year, and for 2022, the theme is ‘greater,’” says Hunt, who wrote the title track with Pastor Sam Evans. “In Planetshakers, we really try to connect with a theme that God has given us, tapping into the prophetic word that Ps. Russell shares.”

“God is greater! He is greater than any circumstance that we may face and our trust in Him will see us overcome any obstacle and see victory over every enemy that may come our way,” declares Pastor Sam Evans. “With this belief in our hearts and that declaration in our mouths, we will experience greater than our highest thoughts and prayers.”

Sharing more of the behind-the-scenes moments that inspire Planetshakers’ songs, Hunt says that one of his favourite worship tracks on GREATER, “Move In Power,” came during an inspired moment at a weekly staff prayer meeting: “What I love about our church is that we are always open to letting the Holy Spirit move and lead us. For this particular meeting, I was on the keyboard as we were praying, and then something just happened to me. I felt like heaven was opened up, and I started singing a prophetic song. Sometimes I would sing a song, and we would go back and tweak it. This song came exactly as it is on the album. It was such an anointed moment.”

Grater Tracklist

1 Beauty For Ashes (Live) Mp3 Download
2 No. 1 Sound (Live) Mp3 Download
3 Greater (Live) Mp3 Download
4 Victory of Jesus (Live) Mp3 Download
5 Move in Power (Live) Mp3 Download
6 Psalm 23 (Live) Mp3 Download
7 Emmanuel (Live) Mp3 Download
8 Heaven is Home (Live) Mp3 Download
9 It is Done (Live) Mp3 Download
10 Stay (You Are Good) (Live) Mp3 Download
11 Never Thirst Again (Live) Mp3 Download


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