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Generous Gesture: Preye Odede Gifts Car and 1 Million Naira Each to His Musicians

Renowned gospel music Minister, Preye Odede, displayed an act of generosity on the occasion of his birthday, where he presented a car to his band leader, Stephen Okechukwu Emmanuel (Ekrest), and gifted the sum of 1 million naira each to his Pianist/Music Director, Egede Paul (Paul Piano), and his drummer, Omonije Joshua (Jaybee).

This significant announcement was made during the “THE MOVE” concert held last Friday in Port Harcourt. Additionally, Pastor Lanre Oluseye of House On The Rock Port Harcourt demonstrated support for Minister Preye’s benevolence by contributing an extra 1 million naira to the drummer and N500,000 to the Pianist.

Preye Odede Gifts His Musician A Car

Minister Preye Odede’s gesture of generosity was intended as a reward for their unwavering commitment and selfless dedication to the Kingdom and Ministry.

The remarkable nature of this gesture has been widely acknowledged on social media, as it is uncommon for individuals to give such substantial gifts on their own birthdays. Furthermore, this marks a groundbreaking event in the history of the Port Harcourt music industry.



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