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Trending Christian Movie – Prophet Suddenly Beaks New Record

Famous gospel music actors Pastor Ohis Ojeikere & Anwinli Ojeikere popularly known as “The Winlos” earlier released a movie titled “Prophet Suddenly” which premiered on 21st May at The RCN Assembly and was released on the 28th of May 2023 on YouTube. Starring Apostle Arome Osayi, the movie, exposes the devil’s schemes in using so-called “Men of God” to deceive many.

Prophet Suddenly has now hit over 1 Million views on YouTube since its release. This is a testament to its blessing in the lives of many. Prophet Suddenly is still available to watch on YouTube.

Prophet Suddenly Hit ! Million Views on YouTube in 9 Days

Prophet Suddenly Full Movie by The Winlos

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Prophet Suddenly Review

“Prophet Suddenly” delves into the life of Michael, a man whose burning ambition for success in contemporary ministry drives him. However, when he veers off course and succumbs to the influence of his colleague Chucks’ lifestyle, Michael finds himself trapped in a web of desperation. Unbeknownst to him, a fateful encounter with a familiar spirit leads to a one-night stand, granting him the extraordinary abilities to heal and prophesy. As Michael ascends to fame as a renowned preacher, he earns the moniker “Prophet Suddenly.”

The film’s narrative serves as a cautionary tale, reminding viewers that one cannot serve God effectively by straying from His path. It explores the detrimental consequences of abandoning one’s true purpose and pursuing material gain, acting as a reflective mirror for those who may have lost their way. Through its compelling storytelling, “Prophet Suddenly” aims to spark conversations and raise awareness about these prevalent vices in society.

Elder (Dr) Steve Iruedo, the executive producer, envisioned “Prophet Suddenly” as a tool for the redemption and renewal of minds. He worked closely with the creative team to ensure that the central theme of desperation was effectively conveyed to the audience. Despite production challenges, including the need for reshoots, the team overcame them through determination and unwavering commitment to delivering a captivating final product.

The film’s success can be attributed to the exceptional collaboration and teamwork among the cast and crew. Their professionalism, creativity, and dedication breathed life into the project, greatly contributing to its overall impact.

With its thought-provoking storyline and powerful messages, “Prophet Suddenly” aims to leave a lasting impression on the audience. While the specific lessons and takeaways may vary for each viewer, the film acts as a reminder of the dangers of desperation, greed, and covetousness.



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