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Playlist: Songs by Don Moen

Music, they say, is the use of words and beats to connect with people. Indeed, it requires skill. Don Moen, the veteran American award winning gospel songwriter; worship leader, producer and  multi-time Award nominee is one of the world’s renowned master of this art.

Donald James Moen, a husband of one (1) wife and father of five (5) children has been in the ministry of blessing lives through sensational gospel songs as far back as 1984. He is a passionate pianist, who through astounding voice and amazing piano skill delivers spirit-lifting songs of thanks and confession of faith to God.

For Don Moen, music is all about being able:

“To be an architect who designs products and events that help people experience God’s presence in a new and fresh way.”

Truly, he never delivers short of this fact in every of his musical tracks and album projects, a few of which are; God will make a way, Hiding place, God with Us, Give thanks and many more, where he sang heartfelt songs of praise, adoration, worship and confession to God.

Many of Don’s songs are available on several digital music stores for listening. Now, below is a playlist of some selected songs from Don’s classical track list. These songs will surely bless you, download and enjoy!



1. Don Moen – All We LIke Sheep

Don Moen delivered this song with Paul Wilbur to reveal the sinfulness of mankind outside of God’s grace.


2. Don Moen – Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord

Don Moen delivered this song of praise to adore the name of the One true God who deserves all glory, power, honour and blessing



3. Don Moen – Here We Are

Don Moen came through with Here We Are, a song of praise to The God who answers prayers and a song of worship to The God who does great things.


4. Don Moen – Give Thanks

Don Moen delivered this song of praise to adore the name of the One true God who deserves the worship of his people



5. Don Moen – God Will Make A Way

Don Moen delivered this song of solid and unshaken trust in God who will always come true for his own by making a way.


6. Don Moen – God With Us (Medley)

Don Moen delivered this song to praise the name of Jesus who is always with his children.


7. Don Moen – Hallelujah To The Lamb

Don Moen delivered this song of praise to adore the name of Jesus, The Lamb of God who died for the sins of the whole world



8. Don Moen – Heal Me Oh Lord

Don Moen delivered this song of trust in God who is capable of healing every physical and spiritual ailment.



9. Don Moen – He Makes Me Lie Down



10. Don Moen – I Am The God

Don Moen delivered this song to express firm trust and solid faith in God.



11. Don Moen – I Want To Be Where You Are



12. Don Moen – I Will Sing



13. Don Moen – Let Your Glory Fall



14. Don Moen – Shout To The Lord



15. Don Moen – Thank You Lord



16. Don Moen – Your Steadfast Love



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