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Truth in Sounds – Album by Victoria Orenze (Free Mp3 Download)

Gospel Music Minister and Pastor, Victoria Orenze has just released a new album titled Truth in Sounds. Having released 3 LIVE albums that featured powerful songs like On fireCovenant Keeping God and Brooding from the Return album (2016) amongst many other singles and EPs.

Pastor Victoria says Truth in Sounds as instructed by the Holy Spirit aims to achieve two things;

  • Make believers see, not by their physical sight, but by the Word of God.
  • Introduce unbelievers to the Word Himself – Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Described as an experience of the Bible, Pastor Victoria emphasizes that every song in the Truth in Sounds album is grounded and based on the word of God. “The Bible is The Truth and because of its [timeless] nature, the words in it can be trusted. There is truly nothing new under the sun that has not been captured in The Bible,” the singer who is also a gifted violinist and lead Pastor at Jesus Unhindered Church adds.

Published under Kadosh Music, Truth in Sounds is a 13-track album recorded live with the Usound United band. All 13 songs on the album are written/produced by Pastor Victoria with one song featuring Nathaniel Bassey on the trumpet.


The Truth In Sounds is available across all digital platforms starting today. See the tracklist of the album below and platforms to stream the entire album as well.

Truth in Sounds Tracklist

1 We Receive DOWNLOAD
2 Walk by Faith DOWNLOAD
3 The Weapon DOWNLOAD
4 The Fountain (Osimira Atata) DOWNLOAD
5 Surely (Dem Dey Follow Me) DOWNLOAD
6 Ascend ft. Nathaniel Bassey DOWNLOAD
7 Gratitude DOWNLOAD
8 Promises (Hallelujah) DOWNLOAD
9 This Year (I No Go Fear) DOWNLOAD
10 Paid For DOWNLOAD
11 Yahweh DOWNLOAD
12 Supernatural DOWNLOAD
13 I Get Backing DOWNLOAD

Stream on Spotify


On what the album means to her, Pastor Victoria Orenze pens a personal message to every listener;

“Scripture says in Matthew 24:35 and Luke 21: 33; “Heaven and earth will pass away, but His word will never pass away. I, Victoria Orenze, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, believe that every Christian or Believer is a Preacher.  Hence, if your expression or one of your ways of expression is singing, then, it’s your job to preach The Gospel, which is the word of God, through songs. I welcome you into the experience of the Bible through “Truth in Sounds” or simply put, “The Bible in Sounds.”

About Victoria Orenze

Life is all about the Lordship of Jesus and His supremacy over all things. I am mostly overwhelmed by His redemptive sacrifice for the soul of mankind. I have experienced Him in the deepest of valleys, in the deepest of waters. Through the fieriest furnace, I have been refined by His grace. I have also seen Him on the highest mountain and He remains the same. He is everything to me.

My life is committed to pleasing Him. I cannot disappoint Him. I must take every day as though it is the last and give my all. My reasonable sacrifice must reach Him as a sweet-smelling savour. This is my daily thought. He is my lover and I am His lover. I yearn for Him. I am in need of Him and constant thirst for Him; I seek His face daily.

“I am a follower of Christ and a child of God. A total expression and reflection of closet experiences of, in and with God Almighty.”

I have created a connoisseur of music, but not at the expense of the Holy Ghost, my personal worship leader.

I can be straightforward, frank, plain-spoken, candid, direct, blunt, to the point, forthright, unequivocal, point-blank, unceremonious, undiplomatic, indelicate and friendly individual. All in all I am a work-in-progress. Smiles.

His mind per time fuels my voice(message) and passion to see His kingdom come in all I’m involved in.




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