Rebels – Eternal Cypher (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Rebels - Eternal Cypher

Eternal Cypher” is a brand new rap song from “Rebels“, a Christian youth group from the Ministry of  Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy Church. This is a song that speaks of what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross for the believer and will surely be worth a place on your playlist. Listen and remain blessed.

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Eternal Cypher Lyrics

When you’re opening presents
You rip the wrapperAnd get that giftYeah that’s what He didNo lies, tall tales or fibsThe hardest factHe came divinity caged withinBut to get releasedYou know death had toCome in, come inThat’s why we shout His nameGot to amp it upMore vim, more vimJESUS!My King, my KingFREEDOM!He’s conquered sinAgain and againLike two timesMore vim more vimJESUS!My King, my KingFREEDOM!He’s conquered sinJesusMy King, my KingThe One who conquered sinWe’re the God-kind in the world that we’re inGiving out healingBanishing sinDon’t sleepDon’t slumberThis year we’re racking up numbersWe got angels doing up wondersI got Angel so I won’t slumberI got hungerThis year we’re bringing out thunderLightningHe was in a rockConfined inHe got everyone lostCan’t find HimPlot twist, like where did He go?Where did He go, like where did He go?His countenance like lightningAnd His raiment white like snowI gotta thank God for the blessingsGratefulFor the tough love and the lessonsGracefulGotta stay humble and blessedThey’re hatefulThat’s the energy they possesI don’t need itWhen I’m at the lowest of my lowsGod sees itGod has got reasons, losses have meaningLove’s too strong and it can’t be defeatedStrength and guidanceThat’s what I’m needingRealest, can’t knock thatGod’s got your boy ’til the end and I trust thatCome with negative vibes and He stopped thatLittle boy games can’t run, I’m above thatBlessed to see another day & I’m thankfulHandledWhat I couldn’t manage on my ownFelt hopeless but with God I’ve got hopeFrom the love that He’s shown meI won’t be aloneJust incase you wonderedIt’s the year of wonders, no numberFaith comes by hearingBut hearing by the Word of GodYou need some intellectIn the order of MelchizedekIn the order of PeaceTell death R.I.PNow I’m living in peaceHoly Ghost, He releasedAhh you get meSaint John 3 verse 16Ahh you get meNow Christ is living in meAhh you get meMy soul is living in HimAhh you get meMy King, yeah He conquered sinAhh you get meThe Lord is coming to get me‘Til then He’s gonna protect meDon’t test meI got Michael up on my leftySo the Word that I hold is heftyWith faithPray, do all it takesHe’s there whatever the placePlaceJesus my Secret PlaceGot me buzzin’I’m trippin’, I’m wavedHoly hangoverDrunk off His GraceWoahWaitSupplantedHe’s in my placeNow my blood is the God-kind faithWe aint humanWe’re super-raceRaceSuper-raceComing up quickMan, I’ll soon be greatKeeping the realAnd remove the fakesWhen times got toughI weren’t losing faithBlessings, lessonsI got God’s loveI ain’t stressingI always kept faithStayed pressingYou could never break this loveCome test it

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