The Maverick Way Complete Album – Maverick City Music (Mp3 download now & lyrics)

The Maverick Way Complete Album

The Maverick way complete album by Maverick City Music is a revolutionizing gospel music. I have listened to almost all the tracks, they inspire worship, prayer, inclines my heart to meditate on the word of God. It’s a nice snack pack for spiritual growth, the words there in are Spirit and Life; they revitalize, energies, motivate, at times I feel like the Holy Spirit is happy within me. It does change the environment and engulfs me with a kind of atmosphere that can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’ll stop writing here; go and see for yourself.

Listen and be blessed.

Maverick way complete album


When you click any link in the track list, it would open in a new tab where you can check out each track and its music video. A zip file download link would be added to this post very soon; it would be uploaded faster upon request. For the main time be blessed and inspired by these spiritual melodies.



‘The Maverick Way Complete’ Album Track list:

1. “Crazy Love” (Feat. Noah Schnacky)

2. “Good News” (Feat. Todd Galberth)

3. “YET” (Feat. Ashley Hess & the King will come)

4. “More Than Able” (Feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard)

5. “In The Room” (Feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard)

6. “God Problems”

7. “For My Good” (Feat. Todd Galberth)

8. “Firm Foundation (He Won’t)” (Feat. Cody Carnes)

9. “Pull Me Close”

10. “You Remain” (Feat. Roosevelt Stewart)

11. “Promises”

12. “Broken Melodies” (Feat. Roosevelt Stewart)

13. “Jealous”

14. “Worthy Of My Song (Worthy Of It All)” (Feat. Phil Wickham)

15. “Costly” (Feat. Kierra Sheard Kelly)

16. “Nothing Is Better” (Feat. Anthony Brown & Megan Tibbits)

17. “Shammah” (Feat. Anthony Brown)

18. “Waves” (Feat. Blake Proehl & Ryan Horton)

19. “Can’t Take My Worship” (Feat. Travis Greene)

20. “Nobody Greater” (Feat. Bobbi Storm & Ryan Horton)

21. “Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make A Way)” (Feat. Bobbi Storm & Wande)

22. “No Longer Bound”

The Maverick way complete album – The Maverick way complete album


Connect with Maverick City Music – Maverick Way Complete Album




The Maverick way complete album – The Maverick way complete album



Writer’s Devotional 1

Disciplined Daily Devotion (3D) Report Tool: 4H Method.

👉 Date: Wed, 15 November 2023
👉 Time: 7:24 AM

📖 Text: Romans 10:17 (Head and Heart)
Romans 10:17
[17] So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

#A. HEAD 🧐
1. OBSERVATION (What do I see?)
– So then
– Faith cometh
– Faith cometh by hearing
– hearing the word of God
– the word of God

2. What does it MEAN?
– So then: This points to the context, in that what is to be mentioned in this verse is flowing from the preceding verse(s). The context is on how a man gets saved, showing the need for men to submit to the righteousness of God, therefore calling upon the name of the Lord by faith to receive the salvation that has being made available through Christ. How does a man have faith?

– Faith cometh: This shows that faith is not the innate nature of the fallen man, but still faith comes to Him, He still gets to have faith.

– Faith cometh by hearing: Faith comes by hearing. It infers that faith comes through every means of communication, faith comes through the five senses, every means through which information can be perceived (received) by man. We tend to believe things that we see, hear, taste, feel and smell.

– Faith cometh by hearing:
° hearing – akoē – the sense of hearing, the thing heard, instruction, named orally, preaching, report.
° This directly places a responsibility on me as a believer to pay attention to every word that the Lord has said.
° Moreso, it brings to mind the instructions of Jesus to reach out to others, to teach men all that He has instructed. For these words are powerful enough to save a man from perishing, for the words of salvation are Spirit and life, they quicken the spirit of man.

– Hearing the word of God: The faith that is being referred to here has a boundary; it can’t be received by hearing everything the world has to say; rather it comes only by hearing the word of God. It comes by perceiving the word of God, it is birth by receiving God’s word.

– Word of God: The word of God includes everything that He has said. In Genesis 1 – God said let there be the heaven and the earth and every living and non-living thing in it, and He saw that it was good. The creation that is spoken in to being also inspires faith in the creature; because since birth every man sees the creation and there comes an awareness of a creator.

3. What stood Out/ What issue is God Raising with me Today?
– The word of God has not changed since the first time I realized it; it has been working and proven to be strong ever since. Even now the Lord would have me hold on to this sound words even to the end of the age…


#B. HEART: What is my ATTITUDE ❤ (Checking my attitude against the issue raised) / (How does the understanding of this truth makes me feel?)
– Faith comes by hearing, what am I hearing?
– Do the things I hear strengthen my faith?
– Do I let the junks of this world strengthen doubts and unbelieve thereby eliminating my mustard seed?
– How is my deposition to receiving God’s word; is there full room for me to be ministered to by God’s word?
– Do I give room for others to hear God’s word when they are around me?
– Am I attentive to how the Lord wants me to minister or reach out to others?


– I submit myself to your will Lord, I choose to believe every single word that you have spoken. I pray that as my understanding becomes much more fruitful, I conform to act according to everything you’ll instruct me, because I have your power working in me, I have your nature that is able to wrought the will of God.

– I don’t reject any of your word whether tasking or promises of abundant life; I see myself as an unprofitable servant, my duty is to do all you command. (Luke 17:10)

– I thank you Lord for you always deal with me according to your mercies. Thank you, Lord (Amen).



Writer’s Devotional 2

#C. HAND: How can I OBEY? 🙇🙇‍♀ (What do I do with what God is Telling/ Showing me Today?)


#D. HELP 🤲
1. How can God HELP me?

2. Who can help me?

3. Who can I help with this Truth?



The Maverick way complete album – The Maverick way complete album

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